Justin Guerra Slept on a Sofa for the First Year and now Earns Multi-Million

A 21 one-year-old can be best known as a college kid that took the traditional route looking at the luxury world of unique automobiles, mansions, and private jets. This young man is none aside from Justin Guerra, an Ecom Entrepreneur. He was born and brought up in Corona, California. He came back to the real world, he was a high school dropout, and lecturers said he wouldn’t graduate till he was 21. He decided to get his GED, and by that point, he had just turned 18 years old found out about Wholesale Real Estate. Justin always knew he could be a profitable entrepreneur however by no means had the resources or the network. It wasn’t probably the most leisurely start; he slept on a couch for the first year making an attempt to make this thing work.

Justin owned a Wholesale Real Estate Company making millions of dollars a year. Justin now educates individuals looking to study wholesale real estate throughout America. He spends numerous time shooting youtube videos that he calls “edutainment,” giving his viewers his way of life, keeping things fun while still sharing training to further those who watch his channel. Justin claims his biggest asset was his “Super Power.” He had nothing to lose, he felt like the only way to go up, and he thought if more individuals just jumped at opportunity’s particularly at a young age, there could be loads more individuals dwelling the life-style they needed to. One in every of his most significant assets is having a stable network. His finest advice for connecting with profitable people in his niche is attending networking events. According to him, success is on the opposite side of risk and fear. He loves providing worth and helping individuals make money. He knew that consistently assisting others would allow him to achieve that goal. To this day, Justin throws free events for entrepreneurs to come back and learn wholesale real estate and provide an area for individuals to network for free.

Justin’s immense starvation for success is a key takeaway from this conversation: he is by no means afraid to invest in himself. Being so young and having seen such massive success at his age, he credits it to his relentless starvation to do whatever it takes. His final tip to any entrepreneur looking to take motion on this journey is straightforward. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. Justin will not be only a high-performing entrepreneur but a true philanthropist for the entrepreneurial community, persistently giving out free huge quantities of information on his Youtube. He has built a 7 determine wholesale company today.

In case you have almost any issues with regards to where by as well as how to employ Justin G (@Jus.SecureTheBag) – 23 year old 7-figure entrepreneur and founder of VVS Automation, it is possible to contact us on our webpage.

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