Tinnitus Relief – Complementary Medicines – Do they really Work?

I’ve just been reading about the use of complementary therapy as a cure for tinnitus, or rather as part of the tinnitus relief program of yours. The results of certain trials on the natural remedy ginkgo biloba are fascinating.

Can it be not amazing how a lot of different views there are about whether a complementary medicine suggested for tinnitus relief, or maybe for that matter some other condition works or a total waste of time? I estimate it’s a case of what is effective for me may not necessarily work for you.

Please let me tell you a real story about homeopathic medicine as an alternative to traditional prescribed medicine. This has absolutely nothing to do with tinnitus relief, however, it comes with a lot to do with developing an open mind about such matters.

I suffered a seriously sore episode of gout a couple of years back. I visited the regular MD of mine and also the first prescribed medication worked but had extremely unpleasant side effects. So I went to the surgeon that prescribed it and was recommended an extra drug to deal with the unwanted side effects. Indeed, I really was and what is much more I accepted that as routine.

Bear with me I shall be back to tinnitus in a second.

Anyway I carried on with this particular drink for a year or so until one day an alert pharmacist asked me why I was taking a lot of drugs on a consistent basis. She listened as I spelled out and then suggested me to a certain local homeopathic practitioner called Dr Lessell. I confess I was rather sceptical but as he was qualified as an ordinary physician and a dental professional too I made a scheduled appointment.

The end result was that within 2 weeks I was as a result of prescribed drugs, taking one little poison ivy pill every day, had reduced my salt as well as red wine intake, and the gout was history – but still is. Thank you Dr Lessell. Back to the newest read more – Learn Alot more – of mine about complementary medicines and your tinnitus relief therapy.

The reports on the trials of ginkgo biloba I have been studying about suggest that the outcomes were not definitive sufficiently. The sample team was split into those who were offered the right ginko biloba, and those that were supplied with a placebo. The result was that a similar amount from each group stated the pill had helped to reduce their tinnitus sounds and so the trials were thought to be inconclusive.

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